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I love shooting for my fans and I'm happy to be able to provide great content for my website for all you to enjoy. My lovely admirers have been asking for a way to send me gifts and tips! Everyone knows that an artist loves when his or her work is appreciated. And now I have a great new way for you to show me just how much you like my art!

Every fan who sends me a gift will receive a personalized love letter directly from me! Just use this form to show me your love... don’t be shy.

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Financial domination

So you dare to look at my financial domination page. Nothing in life is free. That means only one thing...that you must immediately pay the fine for daring to look at my hot & mean photographs. You are a dirty little pervert and dirty pathetic little worms must pay their mistress. I want to fleece you of your money for my pampering fund. Send me your cash and in return I will send you a mean email.

Give me more money and I will tell you how pathetic you are whilst you squirm under me on one to one webcam.

You will submit to Mistress Tate. Yes you!

Spoil Me
If you dare call mistress

You can gift your Mistress in $ bills, Amazon Gift Vouchers and physical presents sent to my address: Sugar Bear Media, Tanya Tate, 27305 W Live Oak Rd #441, Castaic, California, 91384 US. Now CALL Mistress Tate and beg, you weak pathetic sexually inadequate wimp!

Send me a gift

It would make me a really happy bunny if I was to receive some very special gifts or gift vouchers sent to me by some of my very special fans and friends. I love to be pampered with presents of dresses, shoes, hand bags, jewelry, perfume, spa days, beauty treatments and lingerie. I also adore flowers, white chocolates and pink champagne.
Some of my favorites
Stores: Macys, Guess, Karen Millen Perfume: Channel Chance Champagne: Laurent Perrier Rose Stones: Diamond, White Gold Lingerie: gent Provocacteur, La Senza
You can treat me to a gift from my Wishlist, gift vouchers from my favourite stores, Gift Vouchers emailed to, or a gift of your choosing. Include your name and email address with your gift so I can send you a personal message of appreciation.
My size
US size: 34DD US dress 4- 6 Dress Small Shoe 7.5 Panties & knickers Medium UK size: 34E UK dress 10 Dress Small Shoe 6 Knickers Medium
I promise to every one of you that send me a special care package from me to you to say thank you. Make sure you send your name, address and email with your gift so I can thank you. If you want to send me something on my birthday I am an aries and my BIRTHDAY is 31st March. Thank you all for being such wonderful Tanya Tate fans :)

If you were a member of my old site, please make sure to cancel your old subscription (you will have access to the new site until that expires!). Once your access expires, make sure to re-sign up to my new website! I can't wait to see you inside!