Are you a very special Tanya Tate fan? Ever wanted to meet me in person?

NEXT TRIP DIARY (resides in Los Angeles, US)


 Keep checking my calendar and diary to see where my upcoming travel plans will take me.

NOTE due to my pregnancy and pending birth, due to gave a baby born 6th December, you cam ONLY meet me in Los Angeles for the foreseeable future. I am not able to travel.

You can go to one of the fan shows I am attending and meet me at the booth to say hello and buy some of my goodies. Or you can now spend alone time with me. After many special requests I have now decided to accommodate meet and greet meetings with fans.

If I am attending a show local to you I sometimes have a little free time where I can meet up with fans for lunch, dinner or drinks. As my time is limited I do ask for a special hourly donation to be able to take time out of my diary to meet you. You will get to meet me in a public place, such as a bar or restaurant, and hang out and chat together. You are welcome to take a picture of us together on our date. You will leave with a goodie bag and happy memories of our time together.

If you are not in the area that I am in, then you maybe able to fly me to meet you for dinner. All travel, hotel and travelling day allowance will be added in addition to the meeting rate.

Please note you are simply meeting me as a date with friend. It is NOT a friend with benefits. This is NOT escorting, and does NOT include sex, sexual activities, sexual contact or sexual favours. Remember my time is not free, if you are expecting to meet without providing a donation this will not be possible.

If you want to book a dinner date please email me with your info as requested below to for more information on terms and donation amount $$$$.


1) Hourly donation is from 1 to 4 hours. 50% deposit will be requested to secure the date in my diary. Final balance is payable in full at start of our date by cash. Info will be provided to enable deposit to be paid. Paypal is not accepted.

2) We will be able to enjoy dinner and / or drinks together in public location. You will need to cover the cost of our food and beverages. I will meet you at agreed time and place. Dining at home, in hotel rooms or other location where we would be completely alone will not be able to accommodated, our date will be in a public area. This will need to be arranged and agreed prior to the date.

3) If local travel of less than 45 minutes is needed to meet you at the destination these expenses will be requested to be covered. If longer travel is required to meet there will be a minimum meet time of 4 hours, additional daily travelling allowance payable plus all travel and hotel expenses.

4) You will be able to take a few snap shots of us together on your phone or camera. There will be no nudity permitted in the photos.

5) You will be given a goodie bag of my personal signed merchandise for you to take away after our date. It will include goodies of my choice such as DVDs and 8×10 pictures.

6) My security is of up-most importance. You will be vetted. If you have a referral from one of my girlfriends let me know who this is so I can check. Please complete the reservation form in full below.

7) I reserve the right to bring security to drop me off and pick me up at prior to and after our date ends.

8) Lastly, remember this is NOT escorting, and does NOT include sex, sexual activities, sexual contact, fondling, kissing or sexual favours. If you are expecting any of this please book a lady that offers this type of service


Email to

 Full Name
 Email Address
 Date of time of requested appointment
 Place of appointment
 Cell Number
 Distinguishing features
 Any references from other models who can vouch for your good character
 Social media eg Twitter, Facebook
 ​Member of any professional organization eg LinkedIn

If you want to chat about our meeting beforehand you can do so by calling my phone chat line via & You can also buy personal Skype time with me

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Want to simply meet me at a fan show keep checking in on my diary and join my free newsletter. Want to book me for a meet and greet email me now to arrange our date.

Kisses & Licks Tanya Tate xox

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