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Heather Starlet & Presley Hart Bonus Scene Gallery

Did you see my movie that I directed for Filly Films, Tanya Tate’s Runaways? I got to house all runaway girls with my daughter played by Heather Starlet. In this scene Heather got to have her first girl girl experience, not counting her ‘Mum’ with another girl, Presley Hart. My taboo sex script read that I instigated the sex on the bed and I watched from outside the bedroom door playing with myself. On set where two awesome camera guys EmmReport.com and IndustryByRick, who caught a lot of behind the scenes of Heather, Presley and myself. I will have to dig out these pictures soon and post them too. The original cameraperson “lost” the video footage so shot the scene again, you can see the replacement Heather Starlet is with Cindy Starfall on my Tanya Tate website. Lucky for you guys this here is now a bonus gallery, as these pictures where saved.

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Tanya Tate Shines on the Homepage of AVN

Ooh, I’m so excited and proud to have been featured on the homepage of AVN.com.

Tanya Tate on AVN Homepage

Tanya Tate on AVN Homepage

AVN ran a wonderful article on me and my directorial debut with Penthouse. As you all know I’ve directed many adult films before but I recently directed a “gym themed” movie and it was the first time I was behind the scenes for Penthouse. AVN not only published an article about it but put me on the AVN homepage. You should check out the article for more sexy details about my new Penthouse movie!

Though I love performing, I’ve realized I love directing naughty movies just as much as being in them. I definitely want to direct more in the future. Who has seen any of the films I’ve directed like Tanya Tate’s Casting Couch, Tanya Tate The MILF Masseuse, or Tanya Tate’s Runaways? If so, what did you think? I’d love your feedback. What’s your favorite film I’ve directed?

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Tanya Tate xox

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Cindy Starfall & Heather Starlet Lesbian Play Tanya Tates Runaways

Final scene from the movie Tanya Tate’s Runaways. After my daughter Heather Starlet had her first experience with another girl, Brooklyn Lee, it is time for her to move on to the next girl. Heather understands how her mother Tanya Tate ‘looks after’ the vulnerable runaway girls at the house. Cindy Starfall arrives and Heather hangs out with her on the bed. Whilst playing games on Cindy’s phone the story of Cindy’s background comes out. She was used by a pimp. Heather comforts her telling her she is safe and Mummy Tanya will look after her. The girls embrace, and Cindy gets to find out what a ‘loving home’ means. Girl on girl pussy licking, 69 and orgasms. Directed by Tanya Tate, produced by Filly Films. Make sure you watch all the movie it’s all on TanyaTate.com.

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XXX Superstar Tanya Tate Directs “Tanya Tate’s Tea and Muffins” for Filly Films

Here is a new Press Release from my public relations team at Star Factory PR.  Enjoy!

Tanya Tate Tea And Muffins

Tanya Tate is not only on screen in the exciting new movie from Filly Fims, but she puts her talents to use off camera as well!

For Immediate Release: October 17th 2012

(Hollywood, CA) That’s a wrap! The UK adult superstar Tanya Tate (http://tanyatate.com/) has finished yet another XXX movie. “Tanya Tate’s Tea and Muffins” from Filly Films is officially out of production and the porn mogul is sure to please fans once again. Though Tanya’s luscious curves and electrifying performances have audiences waiting for the film’s December 2012 release, it is her behind-the-camera talents that are sure to add a personalized touch to the next addition on her resume. Tanya not only stars in “Tanya Tate’s Tea and Muffins” but is the director and writer as well.

Tanya is no stranger to the directing side of the industry. She’s directed plenty of her own content for her website TanyaTate.com, and for top companies like Penthouse. “Tanya Tate’s Tea and Muffins” is the third movie she’s directed for Filly Films after such hits like “Tanya Tate The MILF Masseuse” and “Tanya Tate’s Runaways.” As an icon in the industry, Tanya’s natural ability as a savvy businesswoman combined with her reputation as one of the top performers allows her to move effortless from onscreen to behind the camera. Not only is she a favorite among fans, but everyone from performers to production houses to producers sing her praises when asked about Tanya Tate the director.

A Tanya Tate film is one of the most enjoyable films to work on” said Dion from Filly Films. “Tanya’s history as a performer makes her a fantastic director. She knows how to handle her actresses and make them comfortable all while getting amazing performances out of them every time. She’s calm on set and when challenges arise, she manages them with grace and doesn’t stop until everyone is happy. As if that’s not impressive enough, she then takes off her director’s hat and jumps in front of the camera only to give a solid performance herself. It’s truly an amazing thing to watch. The films she directs are always fantastic because all the best people in the industry all want to work with Tanya Tate.

And indeed, Tanya once again assembled an all-star cast for the highly anticipated “Tanya Tate’s Tea and Muffins“. As an all-girl film, Tanya stars along side some of the hottest names in the industry such as Devon Lee, Adrianna Luna, Samantha Bentley, Elaina Raye, Presley Hart, Celeste Star and Jessi Palmer. With camera work from the legendary Miles Long and a film script written by Tanya herself, “Tanya Tate’s Tea and Muffins” is sure to please fans with a myriad of sexy scenes in true, cheeky English form.

I’m of the mind set that if you’re going to do something, you must do it well” said Tanya Tate. “That’s why I insist on working with performers I know will deliver and with people behind the scenes that have proven themselves time and time again. I was very excited to write the script for this film and can promise fans that it has all come together quite nicely. I wanted to do something unique, something fans haven’t seen before and I wanted to really put my stamp on the project. What better way to represent myself than with a traditional English tea party with a sexy Tanya Tate twist? I’m so proud of “Tanya Tate’s Tea and Muffins” and I can not wait to deliver it to the public.

Catch Tanya Tate as she stars in her newest directing venture, “Tanya Tate’s Tea and Muffins.”

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Cindy Starfall & Heather Starlet Lesbian Sex Photos

Heather Starlet is my daughter in Tanya Tate’s Runaways. After having a taste of other girls, beside Mummy Tanya, she takes it into her own hands to play with newbie to the house, young Cindy Starfall. In cute PJs Heather seduces Cindy on the bed. The girls show each other their small natural boobs and young pussy. What happens next is lots of kissing, pussy licking and mutual masturbation. These sexy lesbian sex photos are part of the movie Tanya Tate’s Runaways, directed by Tanya Tate, produced by Filly Films. Get your own signed copy of the DVD from TanyaTateStore.com.

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Mother Tanya Tate & Daughter Heather Starlet Welcome Brooklyn Lee

Mother Tanya Tate & daughter Heather Starlet welcome Brooklyn Lee to the half way house in Tanya Tate’s Runaways. The 3rd scene in the movie directed by myself, Tanya Tate, produced by Filly Films. Heather role plays as my ‘daughter’. It is time Heather learns how to control the unruly girls that come to live at my house, Mummy Tanya shows her how, when difficult Brooklyn Lee arrives. Tanya and Heather soon have her stripped off. When she protests Brooklyn’s panties are shoved into her mouth. Brooklyn soon starts to enjoy as pussy, boobs and butts are all licked and sucked in 3 way lesbian fuck. Disclaimer: Please remember no body is actually related this is all role play. Join to watch the full scene. If you want a signed copy of Tanya Tate’s Runaways DVD grab one from TanyaTateStore.com.

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Brooklyn Lee Heather Starlet & Tanya Tate 3 Way Strip Tease Video

Tanya Tate Brooklyn Lee Heather Starlet Tease

Brooklyn Lee (AVN Best new Starlet 2012), Heather Starlet & Tanya Tate play in 3 way strip tease video. Before each scene for Tanya Tate’s Runways, from Filly Films, we get to play with each other in a sexy strip tease video. Members of TanyaTate.com get to see the lesbian strip tease video of us girls taking off each other clothes and playing with each other’s sexy body. You can get your own copy of the own signed copy of the movie from TanyaTateStore.com.

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Brooklyn Lee Heather Starlet & Tanya Tate Lesbian Sex

Brooklyn Lee, Heather Starlet & Tanya Tate free lesbian sex gallery from the movie Tanya Tate’s Runways. Brooklyn Lee (AVN Best New Starlet 2012) arrives at the half way house kept by Tanya Tate. Heather plays my “daughter”, now it’s time for her learn from Tanya Tate Mom (Mum),  just how to ‘control’ the runaways in my house. Brooklyn is soon taken into hand. Myself and Heather get to work stripping off Brooklyn’s clothes. When Brooklyn complains her panties are stuffed into her mouth. It doesn’t take long for Brooklyn to start enjoying herself and it turns into a 3 way lesbian sex fuck fest. Welcome to Tanya Tate’s Runaways. The movie is directed by myself, Tanya Tate, and released by Filly Films. If you are not yet a Tanya Tate member or you can’t wait to see it all, get your own signed copy of the movie from TanyaTateStore.com. Disclaimer: Remember this is role play, no body in the scene is actually related.

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Daughter Heather Starlet Strips Off Tanya Tates Runaways

Heather Starlet plays the role of “daughter” in “Tanya Tate’s Runaways”. Heather strips out of her clothes to show her small natural boobs and sweet pussy, in the house where all the other young runaway girls live. Tanya Tate members get to see Heather Starlet’s strip tease. Join now to see Tanya Tate’s Runaways from Filly Films directed by Tanya Tate. Buy a personally signed copy of the DVD from TanyaTateStore.com. Just remember, this is all role play and is not real, Heather is not really my daughter.

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Brooklyn Lee Strips off Tanya Tates Runaways

Brooklyn Lee is brought to the house for “Tanya Tate’s Runaways” through her probation officer, after she is caught shoplifting again. Brooklyn is a right tearaway, but happily strips out of her underwear as she poses and shows her young body and small natural boobs for the photo camera. Tanya Tate’s Runaways by Filly Films directed by Tanya Tate, is being given to Tanya Tate members, you have to join up to see the full gallery. Buy a personally signed copy of the DVD from TanyaTateStore.com.

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UPDATES Brooklyn Lee & Heather Starlet Strip Tease

Tanya Tate’s Runaways is my second movie I directed for Filly Films.

Heather Starlet Tanya Tates Runaways

Heather Starlet Tanya Tates Runaways

The synopsis of the movie is Tanya Tate keeps a halfway house for runaway and vulnerable girls. Heather Starlet plays the daughter. Brooklyn Lee is a convicted shop lifter and her probation officer recommends a stay at Tanya Tate’s Runaways house.

Brooklyn Lee is AVN Best New Starlet 2012. Heather Starlet is a previous Digital Playground contract star, where she performed under the name Janie Summers.

TanyaTate.com is updated with gallery each Monday and video each Friday. Updates coming this week you can get to see both Brooklyn Lee and Heather Starlet, each in a strip tease gallery. 2 galleries, that has got to be a bonus.

The video coming on Friday will be Jamie in his meeting me again in London drops a load of cum on my bum / butt. Part 1 shows you free trailer of me meeting Jamie.

If you like what you see make sure you leave a comment. Tanya Tate’s Runaways by Filly Films is directed by Tanya Tate. Tanya Tate members will get to see all the movie, you have to join up to view. Or you can buy a personally signed copy of Tanya Tate’s Runaways DVD from TanyaTateStore.com.

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Nina James Licks Mommy Tanya Tate Pussy Tanya Tates Runaways

After I stop my car and pick up young abandoned Nina James at the side of the road, I find out she has been abandoned. She came to LA for a job she thought was a genuine model, but the guy had other intentions so she left him. Her friend that she called to pick her up is nowhere to be seen, and she lives out of town. How could I not invite her back to my house of Tanya Tate’s Runaways. I soon have her in the bath soaping her up, then drying her off on the bed. It doesn’t take her long to realise just how good a mommy I can be to young runaway girls. After some initial resistance, young Nina devours herself in licking my pussy and of course I return the favour. How could I not resist kissing, touching and licking Nina’s young body. Full gallery and scenes are for my members. This is also on the Tanya Tate’s Runaways DVD from Filly Films, directed by myself. You can purchase a personally signed copy from my TanyaTateStore.com.

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