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Tanya Tate Squirt Instructor With Peter Oh Tool

Peter Oh Tool was the first guy to ever make me squirt, all over Ben Dover’s face, camera and floor. Whenever I see Pete I always have the chance to squirt like crazy. Did you see me in Tanya and friends, that was a whole load of squirt. I decide to make him my squirt instructor. He shows me his magic fingers and demonstrates how to make me squirt. I gush and drip everywhere, even into a pyrex dish, where I collect it and put into urine sample containers. Can I make myself squirt or do I have to leave it to Pete’s magic fingers? This is uncut footage and is all real, none of that pretending to squirt stuff. Members of TanyaTate.com get to see the whole video. Anyone fancy sampling my squirt LOL? Any questions just ask me  tanya@tanyatate.com.

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UPDATES: Tanya Tate Squirt Collected During Squirting Scene

If some of you have never seen me squirt before, you are missing a wet time.

Tanya Tate Squirt Bottle

Tanya Tate Squirt Bottle

For those that have seen me in a squirting scene you will have seen a lot of gushing, especially with my friend Peter Oh Tool, who lives in London.

This week I get to ask Pete to become my squirt instructor and teach me how to squirt. Can I get to make myself squirt?

Get to see the free gallery on Monday and free video trailer on Friday of the squirting practice. See more of my FREE PORN on my updates page. If you join you get to see all the galleries and videos of my squirting.

My squirt is caught in a big glass pyrex dish and collected in urine sample bottles. Weird or exciting I always like to do a little something to please you all. Wonder how many of you want to sample my squirt?

Kisses & Licks Tanya Tate xox

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Tanya Tate Squirt Bowl Instructed By Peter Oh Tool

My friend from London, Peter Oh Tool, is one of the guys who can make me squirt the most. When in London I make him my squirt instructor and I got him to make me squirt as much as I could. I even had a try myself instructed by Pete. I dripped and squirted all over a big pyrex dish and collected it in a urine sample container. Anyone fancy sampling my squirt? Any questions just ask me  tanya@tanyatate.com. To see all the pictures and the upcoming uncut video you need to be a member.

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UPDATES Tanya Tate Made To Squirt By Pete The Plumber

I never knew I could squirt until I started making porn movies.

Pete The Plumber Tanya Tate Squirt Leaky Tap

Pete The Plumber Tanya Tate Squirt

I was working on a shoot with Peter Oh Tool and Ben Dover, as Ben had chatted me up at a party. Pete was playing with me when suddenly I started splashing all over Ben Dover’s floor. Wow amazing! This was for the Television X movie, The All New Ben Dover Show.

What better senario to use than Pete The Plumber. Once again as well as some fucking and me giving him some cock sucking, Pete manages to make me squirt a few times, all over the sofa and the floor. After squirting he goes straight to work licking my pussy, ending in a lovely facial.

This movie is amongst one of my first scenes ever shot for my website TanyaTate.com. Every scene I make I always think about you watching it and wanking for me, even when I making this scene I thought of this. Let me know what you think of it?

Watch the free trailer, and for you special members you get to watch the full scene. You will have to Join Now if you want to watch it.

Kisses & Licks Tanya Tate xox

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Tanya Tate Calls Plumber Pete To Fix Leaky Tap

I am bored at home searching the internet for someone to come and fix my ‘leaky tap’. I call in Pete the plumber, but its not my leaky tap in my bathroom that he needs to sort out, but the dampness in my pussy. Peter Oh Tool brings himself and his tool. He knows just how to make my pussy squirt, all over the sofa and the floor. He loves to lick my pussy after he makes me squirt. I can’t resist giving him a blow job. Having me riding up and down on his cock, him giving me a good slamming until he comes all over my pretty face is much better than going to his other jobs. Pete the plumber really knows the best cure for my leaky tap.

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Dirty Rotten Mother Fuckers 5 For Director Chris Streams & Jules Jordan Video

Wanted to share with you some pictures I took on my Iphone from Jules Jordan Video set. I added a few pics taken by the official photographer.

Tanya Tate Sexy Dress Stockings On Set For Chris Streams

Tanya Tate Sexy Dress Stockings On Set For Chris Streams

I was shooting for the movie ” Dirty Rotten Mother Fuckers 5 ” for director Chris Streams to be released by Jules Jordan Video.

I wore a black sexy satin dress, black satin lingerie with lace top stockings. My guy I got to play with was Toni Ribas.

In the scene, my husband was called to go to work so I tried to get my lover to come over and fuck me. Alas my lover couldn’t come over until later. Then the spanish speaking gardener, Toni Ribas, turns up wanting to ‘trim my bush’. Ah, he did more than trim my bush.

I started off looking all lovely and pretty. By the end of the scene I was all banged out. Full of squirt, spit, cum and even sick from me gagging on his cock. Loved every minute of the scene. Hope you enjoy watching it!!

If you like to see me squirt I have more squirting videos on my official website including Pete The Delivery BoyBoys Night In and Casting Couch with Greg Jacob. You can catch me being sick on the mechanics cock. What a dirty girl I am :D

Kisses & Licks

Tanya Tate xox

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UPDATES: Irish Pro Athlete Greg Jacob Orgy Free Sex Video

I know I like sex, and so does my best friend Jordan Kingsley. Can we beat Irish Pro Athlete Greg Jacob?

CC Greg Jacob Jonny Luke Tanya Jordan Part 2

Casting Couch - Greg Jacob, Jonny Cockfill, Luke, Tanya Tate, Jordan Kingsley

After coming on an earlier Tanya Tate Casting Couch, Greg went to grab some food with Jordan. They both came back into the room during my casting couch with Luke and Jonny Cockfill. Johnny Cockfill is now on the UK version of Big Brother using his real name Benedict Garrett.

Jordan announced she has brought me my Irish friend back offering me more cock and more pussy. How can I resist?

Jordan strips off and makes out with me. All 3 guys are watching and wanking. Greg can’t hold back and jumps in with his tongue and them magic fingers. He does to me what many people cannot do, he makes me squirt. Not leaving Jordan out he also makes her have some squirting action.

Jordan gets Jonny’s cock going so he can give me a good fucking. Greg bangs me as I give a blow job. Jordan uses her mouth to lick my pussy and suck cock. Greg finishes his load all over Jordan’s big boobs. For an amateur in porn movies this is a great achievement. As you will know if you have watched my casting couch scenes that it is not so easy to get wood and orgasm. Greg does it twice in 2 scenes in one day.

You will have seen Greg on my Tanya Tate Sex Tour Of Ireland from Television X and Tanya Tate Casting Couch. Get a copy of the Tanya Tate Casting Couch DVD. I sign it for you and features Greg’s first scene on my casting couch.

I have many posts featuring Greg Jacob. Watch the free Greg Jacob sex scene & free gallery of screen grabs. To watch the full movie you have to be a member of Tanya Tate Website.

I’ll also be watching Big Brother UK to see if Johnny Anglais aka Benedict Garrett will make the final cut.

Kisses & Licks Tanya Tate xox

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UPDATES: Pete The Delivery Boy Makes Tanya Tate Squirt

There are not many people who can make me squirt…. but Peter Oh Tool certainly can.

SS Delivery Guy Tanya Tate Pete 2

Tanya Tate & Pete Delivery Guy

Pete is one of my friends from London. You may have seen his skills in Tanya Tate Friends Wet & Hard Boys Night In. Now you can watch him making me squirt more in Pete The Delivery Boy Makes Tanya Tate Squirt.

In part 1 of the scene Pete arrives with my parcel, a vibrator. I work on getting him to use the vibrator in my pussy. In part 2 of the scene he uses his magic fingers to make me squirt then uses his cock as I ride him up and down.

Watch the free trailer now… and if you are a member watch the full movie in the members area.

Kisses Tanya Tate xox

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Pete The Delivery Boy Makes Tanya Tate Squirt Part 2

In part 1 of Tanya Tate & Pete the delivery boy, I have a vibrator delivered by Peter Oh Tool. I make him test it inside my pussy on the bed. Pete shows he is good with his tongue but even better with his fingers. He replaces my toy with his magic fingers and I soak the bed clothes. I reward him with cock sucking. He gives my pussy a good banging with his cock. I don’t want to let him leave, he is wasted as a delivery boy.

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Updates: Cream Pie & Pantie Sniffing

What happens when my friends come to see me in London? Pantie sniffing, cream pie and squirting, thats what, and I have the video to prove it.

SS Tanya Friends Creampie

SS Tanya Friends Creampie

The scene with the lads was not so much meant to be 3 sets of hands. Ian Tate came over we planned to go for a drink. He took ages and I found him in my bath sniffing my knickers on his head and wearing a pair of my panties.

Ian Tate is also known as dirty dog, and is is well filthy. He got caught and punished for wearing and sniffing my knickers in the bath. So horny he fucks me and comes inside me, a nice cream pie that I lick of his cock and feed it back to him.

Jay Romer turns up. He was not supposed to be walking into a scene, the bet was on, could I get his cock inside me. Rising to the challenge, I took it good and proper in my wet pussy.

Then Peter Oh Took turned up. Pete loves to make me squirt. He was the first ever guy to make me squirt. As per usual as soon as his fingers go inside I am splashing everywhere.

Phew and then it was off for some drinks with the lads.

Watch the free trailer and make sure you become a member to watch the full movie.

Kisses Tanya Tate xox

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Tanya Tate Friends Wet & Hard Boys Night In

In London I let my friend Ian Tate hang out at my place before we are going for a drink. He is taking ages, I find him in my bath with a pair of my knickers on his head, pantie sniffing, and he is wearing a green pair of my panties. The dirty shit I tell him off. He loves it and fucks me hard on the sofa until he cream pies my pussy. My other friend Jay ‘The Snake’ Romer comes over. Still horny after my creampie I persuade Jay to give me a good hard fucking with his big cock. Re-enforcement’s come with my friend Peter Oh Tool who is the master at making me squirt. He proves how good he is and makes me squirt soaking my living room floor. If you like squirting and watching me suck and fuck cock, I invite you to come join in my boys night in.

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Marcus London The Squirt Instructor Makes Tanya Tate Squirt

I take a drive up to see my friend from UK, Marcus London. He is known as The Squirt Instructor. I have tried to make myself squirt but to no avail. Marcus offers to show me some of his squirting skills. He leads me into his bedroom and shows me that I can squirt… numerous times. I repay him with a blow job and some nice deep wet pussy fucking. My real main pleasure is being made to squirt all over Marcus’s fingers and face.

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