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Tanya Tate & Jordan Kingsley Club Rub Fetish Club

I am from the UK but I live now in Los Angeles. When I go back to UK I like to go and party in London.

Tanya Tate Club Rub London

Tanya Tate Club Rub London

One of the clubs I got to party in was a Club Rub, a fetish event in London. I custom ordered myself a long black latex dress, with a split up the front, to make sure I fitted in.  I went with American pornstar Jordan Kingsley.

Everyone in the club was wearing fetish clothes. I got to hang out with some of my  british pornstar girlfriends. I added some pictures of us hanging out. In the picture with all of us girls you you can see me with Holly D, Liselle Bailey, Daisy Rock, Lucy Love and of course my American girlfriend Jordan Kingsley.

The photographs where taken by Gordon Rondelle (g.rondelle@virgin.net), celebrity UK photographer.

If you liked looking at me and Jordan Kingsley in fetish clothes, you might want to look at my girl girl video shoot and hot fetish pictures of me getting naughty with Jordan. The full gallery is available for members.

Kisses & Licks Tanya Tate xox

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Behind the Scenes Footage at the 2012 Shafta Awards

Hi Guys,

tanya tate shaftas milf of the year and best reality series

Tanya Tate Shaftas Milf of the Year and Best Reality Series

Even though it’s been a few weeks I am still so, so excited about my two wins for Television X‘s 2012 Shaftas. I won MILF of the Year for the 3rd year in a row and Best Reality Series for Tanya Tate’s Sex Tour of Scotland.

I had such a blast at the Shafta Awards this year not only because I won, but because I did all the interviews for the Red Carpet. It was so much fun chatting with old friends, making new friends and getting the behind the scenes gossip from all the hot pornstars running around.

The behind the scenes footage of my Red Carpet interviews can be seen on YouTube. I have great interviews with people like Mai Bailey, Lethal Bizzle, Paige Turnah, Michelle Moist, Danny Dyer, Rebecca More, Nikki Thorne, Mark Sloan, Angell Summers, Liselle Bailey and many, many more. Be sure to check them out!

The video below is one of my favorites. I was scheduled to interview the Milf of the Year – but I ended up winning Milf of the Year. So I have a great interview with myself. LOL look, I even have one of my Tanya Tate Fleshlights in the interview with me. In this video I also interview Lara Latex after she won Best Anal Scene.

Overall, the 2012 Shaftas proved to be a wonderful night. I hope you all take a look at the interviews. You’re sure to have a laugh and get turned on at the same time!

Kisses & Licks

Tanya Tate xox

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Partying In London With Pornstars & Industry Peeps

Have been doing some more partying in London with my pornstar friends and other industry peeps.

Pornstar Friends @ Awana Restaurant

Pornstar Friends @ Awana Restaurant

Have been hanging out in London with my gorgeous wifey Jordan Kingsley. We decided to go to one of our favourite restaurants, Awana in Chelsea, for some food and drinks.

Our mates male performer Ian Tate aka Dirty Dog, and Jason Maskell whom I met through Harmony Films joined us for some food at Awana. Ken the manager as always made us feel very welcome. Myself and Jordan shared a bottle of bubbly, our favourite drink.

Liselle Bailey, director for both Joybear Pictures and Television X later joined us. This was the first time Jordan and Liselle had actually met. Liselle is so sweet and Jordan took to her straight away.

We were the last to leave the restaurant. We met up with some more friends and walked to Eclipse Bar Chelsea. At the door myself and Jordan were told sorry girls you can’t come in we are full and closing soon. So I started to carry on walking. Behind me the gang where shouting me to hold on. One of the bouncers saw Ian Tate and said oh is that Dirty Dog? Come on in!!

Ken Manager @ Awana Sits On Dirty Dogs Knee

Ken Manager @ Awana Sits On Dirty Dogs Knee

This made me laugh, two blonde pornstar babes were turned away but Dirty Dog is recognised! In Eclipse Bar there was an Indian guy sitting on the bar banging on some drum. Defo made our dancing shoes kick in, or was that the champagne?

The next day I never made the gym to see my personal trainer Gert Koovit, but Jordan was all bright and bushy tailed. She came into my room the next morning with The Sex Is On Fire blasting loud. I bounced out of the bed and started some more dancing. Then I realised the champagne effect moving around inside my head and the room was spinning. Off Jordan went to the gym to get her ass kicked by Gert. Rather her than me with a poorly head.

Next time I will be partying again with Jordan will be in la la land. Watch out LA Miss Tate will be joining you for partying in March & April.

Kisses & Licks Tanya Tate XOXOX
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New Joybear Match Mates Scene Released

New Joybear scene has been released, ‘ A Torrent of Pleasure for Tanya Tate’.

Tanya Tate & Peter Oh Tool (Credit: Joybear.com)

Tanya Tate & Peter Oh Tool (Credit: Joybear.com)

Joybear Pictures produce a line of erotic films for couples. This scene was set up by Liselle Bailey from Joybear. I had worked with Peter Oh Tool before so Liselle matching us up as pornstar friends for her latest film worked really well. The scene is a fly on the wall documentary where Liselle gets pornstar friends together to have some real fun.

I loved the latest Joybear release. I was really naughty and even managed to actually get Liselle my side of the camera.

Tanya Tate Match Mates (Credit: Joybear.com)

Tanya Tate Match Mates (Credit: Joybear.com)

I recently met Justin from Joybear at the Venus Berlin show. My question to him was when will Liselle be in a movie. Mmm I have thought about me and Liselle doing a girl girl scene, that would be hot.

The full scene is online for you to watch. Be quick to watch the preview!!

Earlier blog shows more pictures from the scene. Keep your eyes peeled DVD will be available shortly from licensed shops.

Kisses & Licks Tanya Tate XOXOX
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Match Mates Fixing up my porn star friends

New Tanya Tate Scene released, Match Mates : Fixing up my pornstar friends, by Joybear.

Peter Oh Tool & Tanya Tate Match Mates (Credit: Joybear)

Peter Oh Tool & Tanya Tate Match Mates (Credit: Joybear)

This scene is where Liselle Bailey, the gorgeous film director, sets me up with Peter Oh Tool for some naughty fun on camera. Liselle knew already that I liked Pete so set it up to shoot the film when I was back from LA.

It was a fun day and as per usual when I work with Pete I enjoyed myself. Oh yes he managed to turn on the Tanya Tate leaky tap. I even got to kiss Liselle and this was filmed on camera, she was supposed to stay one side of the camera and this wasn’t the same side as me and Pete. Such a bad girl I am!

Peter Oh Tool & Tanya Tate (Credit: Joybear)

Peter Oh Tool & Tanya Tate (Credit: Joybear)

Here is what Joybear has to say..

‘Match-Mates is a series of five, fly-on-the-wall scenes centered round first time director, Liselle Bailey. Having already made her mark as a producer (London Sex Project, 2008), the ex-teacher has created her own blend of porn, featuring her bona fide porn star friends. Utilizing her unique connection with each performer, Bailey has also captured genuine, lust-fueled tension, all for your enjoyment.

If you’re only interested in ‘wham-bam’ then this film is not for you. But, if you fancy something that builds to that carnal crescendo, just like real sex, then check out Match-Mates.

Liselle Bailey Director & Tanya Tate On Set (Credit: Joybear)
Liselle Bailey Director & Tanya Tate On Set (Credit: Joybear)

You may also see Bailey’s occasional blurring of the director/performer boundary. Oh to be ‘friends’ with all these fabulously gorgeous people!

Match-Mates is the first film in the company’s new line, Joybear Organic.

Keep checking the preview clip will be coming soon, keep checking my official Tanya Tate Blog….xxx

Kisses & Licks Tanya Tate XOXOX