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UPDATES Tanya Tate as Blue Fairy & Pinocchio For Wicked The Craving 2

I got to play The Blue Fairy for director Brad Armstrong in Wicked’s feature movie The Craving 2.

Tanya Tate The Craving 2

Tanya Tate The Craving 2

The movie is based around many of the old fable and nursery rhymes like Goldilocks And The Three Bears, Little Red Riding Hood, Rumpelstiltskin, Humpty Dumpty and Pinocchio.

I got to play The Blue Fairy where I met Pinocchio, played by Kris Slater. This Blue Fairy was not the type you imagine, blue and fluffy, but more like a red lady of the night. I give Pinocchio the time of his life, something he will always remember, his first time with a lady, a gift for his 18th birthday.

After I ask him for a little tip for ‘services rendered’ for the extra bit at the end, but he has no money. Bad Pinocchio! I leave him with something more to remember… a spanked bum and him tied up outside Gepetto’s toy store.

The movie was narrated by Jessica Drake, she also starred in the movie. It was directed by Brad Armstrong. It was the first time that I got to be in one of Brad’s movie. I was pleased to hear that he was very happy with my performance.

The set reminded me of England, it was on a green wooded ranch in the mountains. I loved my blue makeup and hair, it was decorated with blue butterflies. My outfit was more witchy then fairy.

Enjoy my pictures taken on set and my behind the scenes video diary filmed exclusively for my Tanya Tate members.

Kisses Tanya Tate xox
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Behind The Scenes Tanya Tate As Blue Fairy For Wicked’s The Craving 2

The Craving Tanya Tate Members Only Video Diary

Behind The Scenes exclusive members only video with me Tanya Tate playing The Blue Fairy For Wicked’s The Craving 2 directed by Brad Armstrong, narrated and starring Jessica Drake. This is a fairy tale and nursery rhyme based movie. I play The Blue Fairy who gives Pinocchio, played by Kris Slater, the best 18th birthday present of his life, to have sex with a real women. I am more a red lady of the night than a fluffy blue fairy. In my members video I chat before hair and makeup and introduce you to 2 of the 3 bears, Dale Da Bone and Marcus London. I show you on the set where you meet Pinocchio outside Gepetto’s toy store. And of course I let you have a look at my nude body.

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