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Brazzers Scene Mum Fucks Sons Coach Tanya Tate & Keiran Lee

After my first scene with Keiran Lee for Brazzers I was pleased to be brought back for another hot sex scene with the UKcontract  pornstar for Brazzers.com.

Tanya Tate Shoots For Brazzers

Tanya Tate Shoots For Brazzers

This time I play a horny mum, or mom as they say in the US, who can’t keep her hands off her sons sports couch. I started to read the script, mmm two guys, oh but then I realise the extra guy is an extra, not an actual pornstar talent.

I brought several dresses and decided to wear a tight deep blue number. So off to hair, makeup followed by pretty girl stills. Keiran Lee arrived to be given a blue tracksuit top to wear by wardrobe.

Immediately I started laughing, not only did it look like a scousers shell suit but it even had shoulder pads. All Keiran needed was a curly wig and a moustache and he could have played a scouser in the old English soap Brookside. For any of you that watched my on Good Morning Naughty America last week might remember me joking around with the scouser jokes with Keiran Lee in the chat room. Scouser jokes over…

Tanya Tate Modelling for Brazzers

Tanya Tate Modelling for Brazzers

At last the extra actor to play my son arrived but there was a problem and the Brazzers team had to ring around to find someone else. So Danny Mountain came to the rescue. Danny had to play my son who is disgusted with his mum shagging his coach. He things his mum is a total whore playing around in the house with his coach.

Danny tries to set his couch up but ends up having to hide under the bed, Poor Danny ends up spending most of his scene stuck under the bed listening to his mum moaning and groaning whilst being banged by Keiran Lee. How frustrating that must have been for Danny!!

When I got home I released I had left my dress and knickers on scene as I forgot to collect them from the bedroom. Keiran Lee kindly found my dress on set the next day, but alas my knickers are missing. Mmm I wonder what happened to them….

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