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Tanya Tate Squirt Instructor With Peter Oh Tool

Peter Oh Tool was the first guy to ever make me squirt, all over Ben Dover’s face, camera and floor. Whenever I see Pete I always have the chance to squirt like crazy. Did you see me in Tanya and friends, that was a whole load of squirt. I decide to make him my squirt instructor. He shows me his magic fingers and demonstrates how to make me squirt. I gush and drip everywhere, even into a pyrex dish, where I collect it and put into urine sample containers. Can I make myself squirt or do I have to leave it to Pete’s magic fingers? This is uncut footage and is all real, none of that pretending to squirt stuff. Members of get to see the whole video. Anyone fancy sampling my squirt LOL? Any questions just ask me

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UPDATES: Tanya Tate Squirt Collected During Squirting Scene

If some of you have never seen me squirt before, you are missing a wet time.

Tanya Tate Squirt Bottle

Tanya Tate Squirt Bottle

For those that have seen me in a squirting scene you will have seen a lot of gushing, especially with my friend Peter Oh Tool, who lives in London.

This week I get to ask Pete to become my squirt instructor and teach me how to squirt. Can I get to make myself squirt?

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My squirt is caught in a big glass pyrex dish and collected in urine sample bottles. Weird or exciting I always like to do a little something to please you all. Wonder how many of you want to sample my squirt?

Kisses & Licks Tanya Tate xox

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Tanya Tate Squirt Bowl Instructed By Peter Oh Tool

My friend from London, Peter Oh Tool, is one of the guys who can make me squirt the most. When in London I make him my squirt instructor and I got him to make me squirt as much as I could. I even had a try myself instructed by Pete. I dripped and squirted all over a big pyrex dish and collected it in a urine sample container. Anyone fancy sampling my squirt? Any questions just ask me To see all the pictures and the upcoming uncut video you need to be a member.

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UPDATES Tanya Tate Made To Squirt By Pete The Plumber

I never knew I could squirt until I started making porn movies.

Pete The Plumber Tanya Tate Squirt Leaky Tap

Pete The Plumber Tanya Tate Squirt

I was working on a shoot with Peter Oh Tool and Ben Dover, as Ben had chatted me up at a party. Pete was playing with me when suddenly I started splashing all over Ben Dover’s floor. Wow amazing! This was for the Television X movie, The All New Ben Dover Show.

What better senario to use than Pete The Plumber. Once again as well as some fucking and me giving him some cock sucking, Pete manages to make me squirt a few times, all over the sofa and the floor. After squirting he goes straight to work licking my pussy, ending in a lovely facial.

This movie is amongst one of my first scenes ever shot for my website Every scene I make I always think about you watching it and wanking for me, even when I making this scene I thought of this. Let me know what you think of it?

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Kisses & Licks Tanya Tate xox

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UPDATES: Pete The Delivery Boy Makes Tanya Tate Squirt

There are not many people who can make me squirt…. but Peter Oh Tool certainly can.

SS Delivery Guy Tanya Tate Pete 2

Tanya Tate & Pete Delivery Guy

Pete is one of my friends from London. You may have seen his skills in Tanya Tate Friends Wet & Hard Boys Night In. Now you can watch him making me squirt more in Pete The Delivery Boy Makes Tanya Tate Squirt.

In part 1 of the scene Pete arrives with my parcel, a vibrator. I work on getting him to use the vibrator in my pussy. In part 2 of the scene he uses his magic fingers to make me squirt then uses his cock as I ride him up and down.

Watch the free trailer now… and if you are a member watch the full movie in the members area.

Kisses Tanya Tate xox

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Pete The Delivery Boy Makes Tanya Tate Squirt Part 2

In part 1 of Tanya Tate & Pete the delivery boy, I have a vibrator delivered by Peter Oh Tool. I make him test it inside my pussy on the bed. Pete shows he is good with his tongue but even better with his fingers. He replaces my toy with his magic fingers and I soak the bed clothes. I reward him with cock sucking. He gives my pussy a good banging with his cock. I don’t want to let him leave, he is wasted as a delivery boy.

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Marcus London The Squirt Instructor Makes Tanya Tate Squirt

I take a drive up to see my friend from UK, Marcus London. He is known as The Squirt Instructor. I have tried to make myself squirt but to no avail. Marcus offers to show me some of his squirting skills. He leads me into his bedroom and shows me that I can squirt… numerous times. I repay him with a blow job and some nice deep wet pussy fucking. My real main pleasure is being made to squirt all over Marcus’s fingers and face.

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UPDATES: Behind The Scenes Tanya Tate On Set With Squirt Instructor aka Marcus London

Mmm I get to hang out with my English friend, Marcus London, for the day. I know he is also know he is called The Squirt Instructor. Watch and listen to me chat Marcus takes some pretty girl photographs in my behind the scenes video.

So does Marcus make me squirt?

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Kisses Tanya Tate xox
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Deauxma & Tanya Tate Bath Squirt Time

Deauxma & Tanya Tate Bath

Deauxma comes over to play with me in my bath tub / shower. After doing some pretty girl stills we start the webcam show. Me & my busty mature girlfriend share a bath and get real hot in the water. Lots of girl on girl action – stroking, kissing, nipple rubbing, pussy rubbing, pussy licking. I even mange to make Deauxma squirt.

See some still photos from the webcam show as well as some sexy photos of us preparing each other for the webcam show.

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Road Queen 16 Girlfriends Films Squirting Sex

One of the latest releases will be for their award winning series Road Queenstarring the Road Queen herself Deuxma.  

Road Queen 16 Box Cover Girlfriends Films

Road Queen 16 Box Cover Girlfriends Films

I travelled to Las Vegas to shoot with Deuxma, the other girls and the 1951 Road Queen car. I played the owner of lap dancing clubs in Nevada. I kept a house full of girls. Deuxma turned up with one of the girls, Ariella Ferrara and asked to dance at one of my clubs and stay at my house. Of course how could I turn down such a request…. but 1st I had to try out Deuxma.

This has got to be my most amazing scene yet. Deuxma is my first squirting performer shoot. Before the scene we had a girlie chat about our likes and dislikes. I told Deuxma how I had already saw her on the web and saw her squirting sex scene. I had actually sat and played with myself whilst watching her scene. I thought squirting was hot and I wanted to make her squirt as much as I could. So this was the challenge.

The lights were set, sexy high end lingerie, camera set up, massive four poster bed and Deuxma handcuffed ready for the taking. So I set to work on Deuxma. I just looked into her eyes, seduced her and played with her. Oh yes she squirted alright, target was my mouth. So much I drained Deuxma of every last drop she had.

The crew were left with open mouths. This scene is sooooo awesome. Dan commented on how he had shot getting on for 1000 scenes for Girlfriends Films and this was his best sex scene yet, an award winning scene.  I looked like I had been drowned. Even the back of Deuxma dress had to be wrung out as it was soaking wet.

Road Queen 16 release date is 7th May 2010  starring Tanya Tate & Deauxma. Buy your very own copy of Road Queen 16 DVD. I am on box cover with Deauxma and Chasity Lynn.

More of my scenes filmed at Las Vegas with Chastity Lynn, me little one, and Dragon Lily will follow for more of the Road Queen series.

Check me out on the Girlfriends Films website on the April diary page. Come say hi to me at the Girlfriends Films Forum.

Kisses & Licks Tanya Tate xoxoxox

Cosplay Queen Tanya Tate Ties Up Amanda Tate Superhero Pussy Power

In my laboratory I am dressed as Catwoman inspired villain with Amanda Tate dressed in a superhero Supergirl inspired costume. I have her tied down and ready to be searched for her secret power. I have a feeling her superhero power is in her pussy. Time for the speculum and Hitachi to find that pussy power. This is hot lesbian cosplay action with me as the super villain using young Amanda for a myriad of orgasms. My most memorable part of this scene was I discovered my very first time I making a girl squirt using my fingers. Will I wake from me dream fantasy? I hope my 1st scene of Tanya Tate’s Cosplay Queens And Tied Up Teens made you as turned and cum as fiercely as I did. Get your own signed copy of Tanya Tate’s Cosplay Queens & Tied Up Teens DVD from Filly Films in my personal store Watch the free video trailer and join up to watch the whole of the cosplay scene.

Kisses & Licks Tanya Tate xox

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UPDATES: Tanya Tate & Amanda Tate Lesbian Cosplay Fun

I love to bring you weekly free porn on my Tanya Tate website.

SS Cosplay Queens Sc1 Tanya Tate Amanda Tate

Cosplay Queens – Tanya Tate & Amanda Tate

This week you get to watch me play with Amanda Tate. I enjoy having Amanda Tate in a sexy supergirl style costume tied to my laboratory table. I am dressed as 1960’s style Catwoman, being the villain I am, looking for Amanda’s secret pussy power.

I use my tools to try to discover Amanda’s pussy power using a speculum and a Hitachi. Amanda sure loves the play so much she squirts!

I did have the speculum up for auction on my Abibids page and this is being sent to some lucky winner. Maybe you will win something special of mine too get luck start bidding on my auction.

Monday – Tanya & Amanda Tate Catwoman & Supergirl Sexy Cosplay Sex Gallery
Wednesday – Tanya Tate Interview on Cosplay Queens And Tied Up Teens
Friday – Cosplay Queen Tanya Tate Ties Up Amanda Tate Superhero Pussy Power

Each week get to see all of my free porn. I bring you a new gallery each Monday and a new video every Friday with the occasional bonus, like this weeks interview.

All of scene 1 from Cosplay Queens And Tied Up Teens is now posted onto my website. Coming soon scene 2 starring Annie Cruz and Catie Parker.

Get your own signed copy of Tanya Tate’s Cosplay Queens & Tied Up Teens DVD from Filly Films in my personal store  Join up to see the whole of my cosplay movie.

Kisses & Licks Tanya Tate xox 

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