Greg Jacob Jordan Kingsley Gate Crash Casting Couch Orgy

Greg Jacob and Jordan Kingsley just can’t get enough of my Tanya Tate Casting Couch. Greg and Jordan got to play in a casting couch and popped out whilst I entertained Luke and Jonny Cockfill. After gate crashing my casting couch Jordan declared her pussy on offer. After some lesbian girl on girl kissing and pussy licking, Jordan helps get the lads ‘up’. Irish Greg Jacob, the pro athlete from Ireland, joins in and yet again, ends up giving us girls a good seeing to. Lots of cock sucking, pussy licking, spit roasting and plenty of gagging.  Greg even manages to get me squirting, a feat in itself as not many people can make me squirt. Jordan has her turn being made to squirt by Greg’s magic fingers. Turns in a big 5 person orgy.

Greg Jacob was the star of my Irish Sex Tour. He had already done his scene for the day, but good job he came back to give a double helping of cum on Jordan Kingsley’s boobs.

Jonny Cockfill went on to do more porn under the name of Johnny Anglais. Now he is on Big Brother UK using his real name which is Benedict Garrett. I’ll be watching to see if he wins Big Brother.

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