Jelena Jensen Photoshoot Tanya Tate Milf Masseuse

BTS Jelena Jensen Tanya Tate Milf Masseuse

My first time shooting with Jelena Jensen is on the set of Tanya Tate The Milf Masseuse. Being the director I could choose who I wanted on my cast. The thought of massaging Jelena Jensen’s big natural boobies made me so damp. Jelena extended her stay in LA so she could shoot for me. I film her on her photoshoot. After set we chat to you all naked and disheveled, after making each other orgasm. Jelena is going to have drive home to Northern California with my pussy smell all over her face. Exclusive Tanya Tate video diary. Members will also be able to watch the movie in full.

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5 Responses to Jelena Jensen Photoshoot Tanya Tate Milf Masseuse

  1. Matt says:

    Two stunning women right there

  2. Paul says:

    I think its funny that you have a refrigerator in the bathroom. haha Yes I noticed that but I looked at all the sexiness first. :)
    Btw the boob touch is hot.

    • Tanya Tate Tanya Tate says:


      Keeps our drinks cold… I love to touch boobs. The video in full & all hot pictures will be be posted for my members starting with the 1st scene 14 November.

      Kisses Tanya Tate xox

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