Tanya Tate Wondercon Pictures Sexy Julie Newmar Catwoman Cosplay

I loved being at Wondercon 2013. I got to make new friends and interview some hot cosplay girls at the comic convention. You can get to see my interviews on my cosplay blog JustaLottaTanya.com.

Tanya Tate Catwoman Microphone Wondercon

Tanya Tate Catwoman Microphone Wondercon

In case you don’t pop over to my cosplay site I thought I would share some of my sexy photographs here. These are #SFW but still you might want to check them out.

I made my first days appearance as Julie Newmar’s CatWoman. I love how sexy she looked. I remember watching this show on UK telly when I was a kid. What do you think of my skin tight CatWoman costume?

I also had my own brand new Tanya costume made by my sexy friend Lea Lexis. Purple vinyl showing some sideboob. This will be for an upcoming comic series, which I will announce more info on JustaLottaTanya.com. The picture of me with my funny friend KassemG shows me pointing at my nipples. Right yes we where talking about sideboob and camel toe. Did you see my video interview with KassemG?

I signed at the GeekScape.net booth, met Joe from Badge Of Shame, hung out at the ZenoscopeComics booth and hosted on a panel for FirstComicsNews.

If you want #NSFW cosplay it is right here on my TanyaTate.com website. Let me know what you think of my pictures?

Kisses & Licks Tanya Tate xox

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