Tanya Tate Takes Off Red Coat Makes Herself Orgasm With Hitachi

What is it like to be sneaking around a staircase in a friends apartment building, wearing a red coat, black dress and no knickers. Come join me, but please be quiet. I don’t want to disturb anybody whilst I am exposing my pantie less pussy. Flashing in public ready gets me all horny. As soon as I get into the apartment I find my hitachi toy, strip naked, spread my legs and bring myself to an orgasm. Ok so I wasn’t quiet when I was orgasming. Hope you watch & have a good old wank!

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6 Responses to Tanya Tate Takes Off Red Coat Makes Herself Orgasm With Hitachi

  1. Tom says:

    View of satisfied woman is a beautful view:) Btw, that black dress… I’m speechless :)

  2. sachin says:

    Tanya you are looking so sexy your pussy is wet i fuck you every day in my dreams i see each day your picture and videos

  3. walter says:

    you can come over to my appartment anytime in a little black dress and no panties xxxx i got something very big for you to play with xxx

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