Sandy, Sophie Dee & Tanya Tate Lesbian Bikini Pool Party

Come join myself, Tanya Tate, Sandy and Sophie Dee in a bikini pool party. After an earlier shopping trip and a couple of glasses of wine we decided to throw on our bikinis and have a soak in the jacuzzi pool outside. With the hot California sun beating down, watching the water drip off each other bums, boobs bouncing in the bubble pool, what else could we do but strip off and savour each others body. Lots of kissing, pussy licking, ass worship and boobie play. Simply a girl girl girl lesbian orgy in the sun. Being in a jacuzzi never tasted so good. Who wants to come strip off and join us in our sexy pool party?

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2 Responses to Sandy, Sophie Dee & Tanya Tate Lesbian Bikini Pool Party

  1. kurosh says:

    hi tanya,i felt in love with you and i like to see you every day, can you send me a special your pic every month?
    i so like to kiss you!!
    ask me please

    • Tanya says:


      Ooh, thanks for being such a great fan. I am always posting lots of pics on my website so you can enjoy new ones each week. Also, if you check out my store, I have plenty of pictures and DVDs there. And if you get one, I sign it with a special message just for you!

      Kisses & Licks
      Tanya Tate xox

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