Tanya Tate Gets Fucked In Garage By Mechanic Ian Tate

Ian Tate the filthy mechanic opens the boot (trunk) of the car where he has has me locked in, making me wait for his cock. He grabs me part way of the car, rests my bum on the inside of the car and licks my pussy. He makes me suck his cock giving him a deep sloppy blow job. He makes me ride his cock and fucks me hard on the dirty garage floor. It all ends with a massive facial.

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6 Responses to Tanya Tate Gets Fucked In Garage By Mechanic Ian Tate

  1. mattthemiddleman says:

    Gives being screwed by your mechanic a whole new meaning. I hope he threw in a free wash and Hot wax after he was done abusing you. If it was me would have let you drive while I went down and checked your fluids or I drive and you check my stick shift throwing you in the boot what a twat

    • Tanya Tate says:

      Haha! I’m glad you enjoyed my mechanic experience! I love hearing such hot and sexy compliments from my fans! Keep watching!
      Kisses & Licks
      Tanya Tate xox

  2. hareshpat says:

    i love watcing my tantya fucked hard . my cock rise high stand errected as if it fucks my darling girl. i hot pussy like tany always i wishto want stroke her lovely and juicy fussy

  3. ConSpiro says:

    Tanya i wish licking you toes and yor pretty pussy :p :p

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