Tanya Tate Getting Dressed into Sexy Clothes After Shopping in London

Come with me into my hotel room in London as I show you some of my sexy clothes that I bought whilst shopping. I wanted to go shopping and get a new sexy outfit for my upcoming dancing shoot. Watch me as I get changed out of my top and trousers and get dressed into a sexy dress. After shopping I get undressed out of my dress. I put on and strip tease out of my sexy erotic dancing Union Jack lap dancing bikini. I tease you with my body and my pussy. I love trying clothes on for you, teasing you, giving myself camels foot and rubbing my pussy. See how I shoot one of my very first scenes. I left some of the footage in where I talk between cuts with the camera guy. Come with me in a very raw experience in a Tanya Tate strip tease video.

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6 Responses to Tanya Tate Getting Dressed into Sexy Clothes After Shopping in London

  1. mattthemiddleman says:

    Tanya in Leopard outfit or London Jack live decisions, decisions, can’t I have you in both strip shag you in the Leopard, strip you outta the Leopard shag you naked on the bed shag you in London Jack strip you out of London Jack shag you naked on the bed again dress take you shopping then take you shopping and shag in the changing room in between wardrobe changes enough Shaping for you?;) damn now I need a cold shower and a smoke maybe some wanking to Tanya Tate on film your killing me lass that DVD can’t come fast enough

  2. James says:

    OMG Tanya you are simply lickableA, kissable, suck able and shagable from all angles!!! God save the queen Tanya !!! Xoxo

    • Tanya Tate says:

      I love getting compliments from my fans. It makes me feel great! (And hot and wet! Heehee!)
      Keep watching and wanking!

      Kisses & Licks
      Your Queen Tanya Tate xox

  3. johny says:

    really dont hva words to describe how amazing you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!just God save the queen Tanya!

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