Marcus London The Squirt Instructor Makes Tanya Tate Squirt

I take a drive up to see my friend from UK, Marcus London. He is known as The Squirt Instructor. I have tried to make myself squirt but to no avail. Marcus offers to show me some of his squirting skills. He leads me into his bedroom and shows me that I can squirt… numerous times. I repay him with a blow job and some nice deep wet pussy fucking. My real main pleasure is being made to squirt all over Marcus’s fingers and face.

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16 Responses to Marcus London The Squirt Instructor Makes Tanya Tate Squirt

  1. xxyy says:

    superb and you are super hot , i wish …

  2. White Knight says:

    Sexy stuff!

    Teh Vesti

  3. García Hotspur says:

    Nice you’re the hottest woman ive ever met. I met you once at comic con you were cosplaying as the invisible woman :)

    • Tanya says:


      Ooh, thank you! I love dressing as the Invisible Woman. I think she’s one of the hottest women in comics! Have you seen the pics of me as Invisible Woman on my store?

      Kisses & Licks
      Tanya Tate xox

  4. Christopher says:

    Sexiest U.K. English cougar in Adult Videos in my opinion, recently just purchase your Lotus Flesh light and it feels great, appreciate your time and efforts and would love to be your boy-toy-mate for life.

    • Tanya says:


      Yay! I’m so glad you like my Fleshlight. Thank you for being such a great fan. If you want some sexy videos to go with that Fleshlight be sure you check out my store for hours of Tanya Tate fun!

      Kisses & Licks
      Tanya Tate xox

  5. jimmy gubbstery says:

    mm sexy i want to squirt now….(i am not lesbian)

  6. santin says:

    Tanya tate, I am your biggest fan.

  7. Emma Russell says:

    That was so hot! I think I need to pay Mr. London a visit! ;)

  8. paras says:

    i am the biggest fan of yours tanya..
    i love the way you turn on the things..
    its my dream to satisfy you more then you felt
    and also thanks to marcus who is giving us so much information to get our sex life better ..
    cheers to bith..
    tanya my dear hugs and kisses to you..

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