Casting Couch With Jamie

I met Jamie from Surrey, UK, close to the start of my porn career. I spoke to him about coming onto my Tanya Tate Casting Couch. By the time I finally got to play in London he had practiced a few times. Watch me give him really sloppy blow job. He in returns gives my pussy a good licking and pleasures me with a good fucking. He finishes with me wanking him over my face giving my pretty mouth a facial.

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2 Responses to Casting Couch With Jamie

  1. (Boo) barry garside says:

    Wow tanya I would love to do your casting couch etc with you we could have the most wildest sex ever together and it would be so erotic to do you and one of your girlfriends all together please e-mail me and say we can do your casting couch etc together love you lots barry xxx

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